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    Which one is better between M.Sc in Statistics and M.Sc in Mathematics with Topology?

    which one has better job scope in government sector, Msc Maths with topology or Msc statistic? wt are jobs available after completing either one of dis course?
    msc statistic has more scope in government sector job or msc mathematics has more scope? i ve just completed my graduation and m finding it hard to choose between dis two course.. m a bsc general.. admission to university wil be closing soon, please help me choose.......

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    Re: Which one is better between M.Sc in Statistics and M.Sc in Mathematics with Topology?

    The Pure Mathematics MSc course may be taken full or part-time, and it runs for 12 or 24 months respectively starting in October each year. Suitable applicants would normally have a good Honours degree in mathematics or a related subject. A wide range of lecture modules will be available in analysis, geometry and topology, algebra, number theory and combinatorics. Each module will normally last for one term and students will be examined in eight modules, as well as writing a substantial project. More details of the regulations and lecture modules are available upon request. The following is a guide to the modules that will be available for study.

    Elliptic partial differential equations
    Fourier series, probability
    Functional analysis
    Measure and integration
    Potential theory
    Stochastic analysis
    Stochastic processes
    Geometry, topology, number theory
    Algebraic topology, differential geometry, algebraic geometry
    Elementary and algebraic number theory
    Elliptic curves and diophantine equations
    Geometry of curves and surfaces
    Algebra and combinatorics
    Galois theory, coding theory, algebraic graph theory
    Group theory
    Lie algebras and algebraic groups
    Representation theory
    Rings and modules

    the every field have greater scope so dont worry which one you want do it

    best of luck

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    Re: Which one is better between M.Sc in Statistics and M.Sc in Mathematics with Topology?

    u have to decide if u have prepare for splisation in gov sector than in stastistical job having more vacancy . u can choose generalised course as math also and its have wide range .it should be better to opt math in my view.

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    Re: Which one is better between M.Sc in Statistics and M.Sc in Mathematics with Topology?


    Statistics deals with the collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of numerical data. Itís a subject that deals with numbers along with logic and its analysis. Statisticians can find work in a broad spectrum of areas both in public and private sectors.

    M.Sc in Statistics is better if compared to M.Sc in Mathematics with Topology.

    Approximate annual salaries for freshers range from Rs. 1,00,000 to 1,75,000 as statisticians, that usually depend on oneís qualification and interpersonal skills.

    Employment as a Statistical Analyst fetches remuneration of Rs. 3,00,000 to 6,50,000 per annum that increases with experience.

    You may consider these universities/colleges if you study the Msc in stat-->

    Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur

    Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), New Delhi

    Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata

    University of Rajasthan, Rajasthan

    Rajiv Academy for Technology and Management, Uttar Pradesh

    University of Mysore, Mysore, Hyderabad

    Panjab University, Chandigarh

    Sambalpur University, Orissa

    Pondicherry University, Tamil Nadu

    Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, Haryana

    DAV College of Girls, Haryana

    Devi AhilyaVishwavidyalaya (DAVV), Madhya Pradesh

    Fees vary from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 37,000per semester as per the public or private university.

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