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    Option between M.Tech and high salaried job?

    I am a NIT student. Currently ,I am in dilemma whether to go for higher studies or gain experience first.I have a job offer from Oracle and also MTech (RA Position, 3 year course) at IIT bombay. Also I want to know about placements after Mtech .Will the job be same as i am getting now coz i heard from my seniors that Mtech also work with them .Please guide me.

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    Re: Option between M.Tech and high salaried job?

    Hello dude!

    I suggest you to go to the High salaried job because in recent days the value for M.Tech has been gradually decreasing when compared with M.B.A.

    You can do your job for at least 2 years and still if you feel like studying M.tech then you can pursue but it is better if you prefer the job because it helps your family financially also.

    But the ultimate decision is yours and make the perfect one.You can also do M.Tech after 2 years also but if you still feel kike doing M.Tech then you can prefer buy you are not Guaranteed with a job because again you have to struggle as you have did during your B.Tech.

    So make a perfect decision yourself friend,we are just mentors.


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    Re: Option between M.Tech and high salaried job?

    I feel you better go on with M.Tech.... Since you got a seat in IIT bombay I think getting good placements may not be a problem. You can get a job even after your M.Tech.. If you have no problem of finance I tell you Go for M.Tech...... Because it is worth it... All the Best....

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