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    Paper key for IPO 2012?

    Paper key for IPO 2012?

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    Re: Paper key for IPO 2012?


    Paper key for IPO 2012 is as follows-->

    1 In which case it was held by the supreme court that preamble is the basic feature of the constitution

    Answer : in re Keshwananda Bharti
    2 In which cases it was held by the supreme court that an amendment of the constitution under article 368 was law within the meaning of article 13

    Answer : in re In GolakNath Case
    3 The number of articles in Indian constitution is

    Answer 395
    4 The list of states and union territories is mentioned in which schedule of the constitution

    Answer First

    5 The establishment and constitution of supreme Court has been provided in

    Answer Article 124
    6 Which provision of constitution says that civil and judicial authorities to act in aid to Supreme court?

    Answer Article 144
    7 Which provision of constitution says that High courts to be courts of record

    Answer Article 215
    8 Writ jurisdiction of supreme court is provided on art 32 and that of high courts art 226

    9 Gram Sabha has been created under which article of constitution

    Answer Article 243 A
    10 Right to property under art 300A is a

    Answer Constitutional Right
    11 Power of parliament to restrict trade and commerce has been described in

    Answer Article 302

    12 Public service commissions for the union and states are created

    Answer : Article 315
    13 The rules of dismissal and reduction of rank of civil servants emanates from

    Answer article 311 of constitution
    14 Power of governor to grant pardon is given in

    Answer Art 161
    15 Preventive detention according to Art 22 can be enforced

    16 Proclamation of emergency is valid up to

    Answer It has to be for 6 months only and it needed further a second resolution has to be passed
    17 Protection in respect of conviction for offences is provided under

    Answer Article 20
    18 In the Indian Polity , ultimate sovereignty rests with

    Answer : The people
    19 The prime minister is

    Answer : Head of the government
    20 The finance commission is appointed by the

    Answer : President
    21 Which article provides fundamental right of right to education

    Answer : Article 21A
    22 In India who is the legal advisor to the state government

    Answer : Advocate General

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