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    Part time job online being a 11th standard student

    hi...i am a student of 11th std n i would like 2 do part time job online so can you suggest me something and send some details...

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    Re: Part time job online being a 11th standard student


    The best option for the online jobs is the forum only where you have posted your query.

    The process is that the career seekers have many doubts and problems regarding their career,and they post those queries on this forum.
    Now the forum have many members associated with them,who are responsible for answering the queries of the posters,now the forums earns heavily from the advertiser,the reason is that they have huge number of visitors and poster and the members which every day comes online on the forum,watching those adds,in short the traffic of the forum is huge,and that what makes the forum so very rich,when the members answer the question of the poster,they get paid by the forum.

    You can also join the forum,and you will also get paid like the way i will get for clearing your doubts.The biggest point of this forums is that they are so well maintained and follow the rules and regulation that it is just beyond words,whether it is delivering your cheque on time,checking your answers ,good or bad quality,everything is so active,that is unbelievable.

    there are many forums
    UPSC Discussions
    IPad Queries
    Windows Discussions
    Professional Queries
    TheMacMob.com/forum/ Mac and OSX Forum

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    Re: Part time job online being a 11th standard student

    Hello dude!

    I really appreciate your attitude of earning money,but don't make it a hobby because this is the time you must concentrate on your studies.So just try to sapend nat more than 1 hour daily and you can earn money for your expenditure.How to get a part time job means it completely depends on you only.Unlike the full time jobs you may not find any advertisements.It depends on your contacts,searching etc.You must have mentioned your educational qualification also but still the part time jobs are listed below:
    3.You can also work in medical shops,petrol bunks etc.
    4.Online part time jobs.

    The best part time job i had ever seen is EARN AND LEARN PROGRAM.Even though there are many jobs asking you to send 100 Emails or ask you to view ads which doesn't help you in any way,this program has gained popularity from the very last year.

    The main concept of this program is learning while earning.There are almost 10 forums under this program.A user can participate in any number of forums at the same time.For every forum you join,you need to register using your Email Id.Then you need to the answer the questions present in that particular forum and you can answer as many questions as you want.Answering a question will fetch you five points and the points may get decreased or increased but it depends upon the quality of you answer.You must not copy the answer from various websites.

    You need to verify your rank in the rankings list provided at the top and try to stay in top five because you can fetch more money.Some of the forums that come under the Earn and learn Program are:
    2.educationcareer.in etc.

    So try to write atleast 5 questions per a day but maintain good qulity and automatically your points per question gets increased.So work hard and the last bad news is that previously they offerred 2500/- per session but now they are offerring only 1000/- per question.


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    Re: Part time job online being a 11th standard student

    Dear Friend

    1)In my point of you the best part time job is ealp

    2)ealp means earn and learn program

    3)This is also improves your knowledge and you have to know things for this site

    4)It will prove money for top 20 members

    5)it will give consolation prizes between 21 to 100 members

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    Re: Part time job online being a 11th standard student

    There are many online web sites which can give you oppertunity fro earning money.

    But most of the web are scam so before joining please investigate and join that one.

    There are many free websites you can earn without any investment.

    But EALP is the best forum form where you can Earn and learn from the forum.

    here you can earn and learn as well.

    Thank You

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    Re: Part time job online being a 11th standard student

    Dear friend if you want to do some online jobs or some part time jobs during your 11th class than you can apply for these jobs like:
    Call centre jobs
    Computer centre jobs
    Cafe jobs
    jobs in Hotels
    or you can help in some online making money portal sites....
    You can use these sites like:
    or etc...
    By making Id in these sites you can earn some money ..........

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    Re: Part time job online being a 11th standard student

    • Online jobs is the new field by which a earning money is possible.
    • You can join the Ealp.com where you can learn a amount based on your performance in it.
    • EALP refers to earn and learn program where earning and learning can be done simultaneously.
    • EALP has various forums dealing with the different subjects/sector, where you need to solve the queries asked by the guest.
    • There is no registration fee for joining in it and it can be done by completing simple form.
    • On the basis of your ranking at the end of session, you will be paid by cheque after 15 days of completing month.

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