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    Is PhD from CMJ University recognized by universities?

    Is CMJ univeresity PhD recognised by universities If we persue the Ph.D will there be any problem pl enlighten

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    Re: Is PhD from CMJ University recognized by universities?

    Hi, Friend Cmj t University cmj university logo.jpg

    India is fully recognized and approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and is established under its Recognized by University grants Commission
    Hence the certificate are valid for government jobs in India and accepted all over india for higher studies .For University grants commission recognition details please check the website
    The P.Hd Degree isseud by the CMJ University is valid in Government of India
    For More Details you can check the University Grants Commission inspection report that i am attaching
    the Distance Education Divison of Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management University has the recognisatoin of Distance Education Council New delhi
    for details you can check the website
    All the best my friend

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    Re: Is PhD from CMJ University recognized by universities?

    Hello. . . .CMJ University has been awarded with “The best training provider for working professionals” by AICTE, NCTE, UNESCO and DGET (Govt. of India). It has a tie-up with Centre of Collaboration for Industry and Institutions (CCII), a platform for industry collaborativeeducation, aimed at narrowing down the widening gap between academia and employability of theyouth.
    CMJ University offers the very revered PhD program. To be eligible for the PhD program, a master’s degree is required. The PhD program can be completed ina minimum of two years. The selected candidates will have to submit course work in line with UGC norms and submit the findings of their research as per the university guidelines. Happy to help you. Thank you.

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    Re: Is PhD from CMJ University recognized by universities?

    Hello dude!

    CMJ University was established at shillong by the government of Meghalaya in july 2009 under the provision of the Cmj university act 2009.The university is one of the prominent centres of study having world class infrastructure and higher education level.The university has established by the state legislature of Meghalaya and approved by the university grants commission.The university is approved as a regular university and not a deemed and distance university.It is a private university and the courses and degree offerred by the university are applicable.As known the university is recognised by the UGC and empowered to award degrees as per UGC notification.The UGC recognition is must for the universities,so your degree is valid throughout India and for government jobs too.
    Aicte recognition is provided only for the technical education provided by the college.


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    Re: Is PhD from CMJ University recognized by universities?

    CMJ University is approved by UGC .

    Yes , PHD Degree from CMJ is recognized .

    You can directly apply here for PHD course , but this university is private university .The Duration of PHD course is 2 to 5 years .

    Fees :-

    Registration Fee and Admission Fee = Rs. 5,000.00
    University Development Fee = Rs. 2,000.00
    Tuition, Guidance and Monitoring Fee (Payable in 4 Installments)=Rs. 1,20,000.00

    Total = Rs. 1,27,000.00

    For more information you may log on to http://www.cmju.in

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    Re: Is PhD from CMJ University recognized by universities?


    Yes friend, CMJ university is recognised by the UGC(Universito Grants Commission) and also Ph.D is also recognised by the UGC. So don't worry friend. The recognisation letter is shown below.

    UGC Letter:-

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