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    Preparations for Government exams like group I?

    Hello, thank u for this mail for to me i want preper group 1 exam How can i preper for this pls suggest me

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    Re: Preparations for Government exams like group I?


    first of all you need to prepare well for prelims exam .The main focus should be on the optional subject first. At the same time the GS(general studies) should be done regularly. Since there is well defined syllabus for the optional, you should prepare thoroughly in all aspects and score as much as possible. On the other hand, the GS preparation should be good on the basics.

    general studies

    for preparing this first efforts should be to analyse the previous years’ papers and then start preparation. Even while studying, you should keep looking at past questions. This will help in a focused preparation.


    you should cover ancient history modern histroy and indian history The NCERT books are good enough for the purpose.. Some cultural aspects should also be covered.


    The Constitution and various related aspects should be done well. Some articles and facts should be memorised. It is better to prepare this area well since it will be helpful in mains and inteview.

    The Indian Polity by Laxmikant and NCERT books are sufficient. Also refer, DD Basu


    The basic concepts are being asked along with current affairs based questions The current affairs can be studied from Economic Survey and the newspapers.
    books to be referred are Dutt & Sundaram or Mishra & Puri or IC Dhingra


    NCERT books

    What, Why & how books by CSIR.

    Current affairs:

    This has become a very important component. The preparation should be continuous from the sources given in mains strategy. The notes should be focused on the factual aspects that come in the news

    mental ability

    The preparation can be made from some standard guide like the TMH Publications.The speed and accuracy should be practised.

    general knowledge

    indian year book manorama year book all the best

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