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    Problems in future if left a company within a bond period?

    I completed mca 2011 batch.I dont want to do as a software developer.but i got a job as a software developer. i want to change this job. I did one year bond in this company.. Any problem to leave this job from this company?

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    Re: Problems in future if left a company within a bond period?

    If you want to leave the current job certainly you will have to pay the bond amount to get the reliving order. Also only then you will get the experience certificate which you will have to present at the time of joining another job. It is advisable to wait till one year is completed. In the mean time you can pursue any course which will be beneficial for getting a job of your choice. Also there is no harm in attending tests and interviews. You will be able to gain knowledge of the requirements for the job of your interest. There are instances where the recruiting company pays the bond amount to the current employer to get you relieved early.

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