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    Procedure to get job in future?

    i m student of first year...what should i do to get good job in future...
    what can i do from now to get a good job?

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    Re: Procedure to get job in future?

    Dear Aspirant;

    There are different different jobs availbale at Govt. sector for the candidates who has passed out SSLC / Intermediate / Degreee.

    After Completion of Bachelor degree a candidate is eligible for applying Group A , B and C posts like

    Some of the Group A posts are :-

    Group B and C posts are usually conducted by the State public service commission and staff selection commission.

    Group D posts are eligible for the candidate who has passed out SSLC / Intermediate.

    Some of the Group D posts are


    You are also eligible for applying Clerical post inBanking sectorl;

    With regards

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    Re: Procedure to get job in future?

    Hi Guest,

    As you are a first year student, there is lot more to come in future for you.

    If you want to prepare for competitive exams from now on wards I suggest you to concentrate on these from now on wards:

    Aptitude (Quantitative)
    Reasoning (Verbal and Non- verbal)
    Marketing (For bank jobs)
    Computer skills
    General knowledge and Current affairs
    General English

    Apart from all these if you are interested for technical jobs, I suggest you to go for technical knowledge also.

    For IT sector jobs concentrate on C ad C++ languages.

    You need to improve your communication skills which help you a lot in the interview.

    Start from now on wards talking with friend s in English and also reading English newspaper, watching English news in order to improve your communication skills.

    Thank You,

    All the Best.

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    Re: Procedure to get job in future?

    Hello Friend.....

    As you are the First year student there is lots of future for you to get in if yo start improving your career right now,it is the time now for you to do,the things what you do will reflect you in your further career....
    Study for the Civil's right now then you will be getting the nice future.Getting in to civil's is not and easy task generally you should be prepared for the civil's right from your 10th class on wards.But there is a chance for you to get in to civil's and being selected in the civil's.start preparation for the civil's right now....
    Now a days there is lots of competition for every jobs and for every bachelor degree course of study.so,you should prepare for the examinations and for the jobs right now and make up your career more bright....
    There are many job opportunities for every bachelor degree course,but you need to mention which bachelor degree first year you are studying because we can provide you more information if you provide which bachelor degree course you belong to....

    There are many jobs in the government fields for the Bachelor degree course,some of them are...
    *UPSC Civil services-
    Civil services Such as IAS/IPS is the civil service examinations which a bachelor degree candidates can apply for the civil's.you can apply for the civil's only after completing the course of study,but start preparing for your civil services right now then you will succeed in your career...
    To get the job in civil's there are some eligibility criteria which must be followed in order to appear for the civil's services...such as..
    >>You must have attained the age of 21 years and must not exceed the age of 30 years...
    >>You must have completed the Graduation course of study in order to appear for the civil services examinations....
    you need to qualify three categories of examinations for getting in to civil services such as..
    Prelim's examinations
    Main Examinations
    These are the three types of examinations you need to qualify for appearing for the Civil's....
    *IBPS Examinations-
    IBPS conducts the examinations every year for the selection of candidates in to the posts of clerical,po's...
    As you are in first year you can apply for the clerical examinations and after completing your bachelor degree you can apply for the PO's /management Trainee examination....

    You can apply for any of the competitive examinations and you must have good knowledge of all the examinations in a very clear manner.you need to have good knowledge about the aptitude as it is common for every competitive examinations.....
    The candidates who had good knowledge about all the Current events and the Power full brains of the India are only selected for every competitive examinations as there will be lots of competition for every examination...

    There are also other jobs in both the private and also public fields according to your graduation course of study in which you had completed the Graduation....

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    Re: Procedure to get job in future?

    hello friend,

    You can get the any job in the any department based on their qualification and every department selection of the lots of students through the entrance exam and interview to know about the your knowledge skill and your talent.

    For getting the good jobs tips:

    1. you have to improve your general knowledge and you must be known about the current affairs news.
    2.your communication skill must be good.
    3.you must have to be good knowledge about your subject .
    4.you must have technical knowledge about your subjects.

    In the all Written test syllabus:
    General aptitude
    Computer skill
    General knowledge

    so to get the job in any post you have to improve your general aptitude with a lots of practice .
    You have to improve your General knowledge and General english ...
    on the basis of these you can eaisly qualify the written test

    So last suggestion in which field you have study you have to be best knowledge about these fields..

    best of luck!

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    Re: Procedure to get job in future?

    Hello dude!

    I appreciate your broad thinking and continue with that and surely you will get a job.

    To get a job,you must have good reading skills,writing skills,communication skills,technical skills.

    Have a good command over the subjects you study and always don't forget to learn the concepts from the basics.It will surely help you in the interview because the interviewer will concentrate on the basics of the subject.

    Also develop your English language because now a days English speaking has been given lot of importance.

    Students with excellent academic knowledge but they don't know how to talk,they they are not given priority.

    So,communication skills are given major importane now a days.

    Also concentrate on topics such as Aptitude,Reasoning,Critical thinking because they will be useful in written tests and competitive exams.

    The above mentioned is the procedure required for getting a job.


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    Re: Procedure to get job in future?

    you are first yr. student ,there are many job opportunities in future to you, suppose after 12th ssc conducts many exam of 12th leval UDC,LDC etc.
    and in 12th appearing you can apply for NDA exam.
    after 12 you will be eligible for bank exam like IBPS for clerical cadre.

    best of luck.

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    Re: Procedure to get job in future?

    Hello Friend

    First you have to decide which stream you are interested , Jobs are of two types Government jobs and private jobs .

    First you have to complete your graduation first and then go for the stream selection and apply for the jobs examinations in government field or in Private field .

    If you are intrested in software stream you have to learn knoleges like C , c++, java , oracle etc num off cources are available . After that cources you can attent for a walkins and get jobs by your perfomence.

    Private sector companies like :
    • Infosys
    • Dell
    • HCL
    • Cognizent
    • HP
    • Samsung etc
    If you are interested in bank jobs then you have to complete graduation and apply for IBPS examinations and qualify on that and get palced in any 19 public sector banks.

    Government Jobs :

    Civil service jobs like IAS and IPS

    NTCP etc

    ALL this above companies offers jobs in government sectors.


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    Re: Procedure to get job in future?

    You have not mentioned, first year of what are you studying.... Its okay... let me give you an answer... Firstly getting a job is not at all a big deal now a days if you have good percentage, communication skills and soft skills...

    Since you are in your first year, concentrate on your studies first....
    The procedure to get a job is quite simple.... yes..... simple....
    1. verification of all your certificates
    2.written exam
    3. Group discussions
    4.Just a Minute session
    5.finally interview

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