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    Provide me Mechanical Related Question for DRDO?

    draughtman mechanical related question of drdo please help the interview related question

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    Re: Provide me Mechanical Related Question for DRDO?

    Here is an interview experience of my friend in drdo ,according to him there are
    interview panel is of seven members:
    i wished "Good Mrg. to all of you sirs!"

    chairman in the middle with several experts from different fields of
    elctronics and tele com.

    chairman formally asked about my present experience at cwprs.(introductory
    questions to make comfortable)

    1.Why do you want to leave the job?
    2.Tell us about your teaching/present experience.
    6. Whats about promotion channel in your organisation?

    then one of the member asked about my MTech thesis(Digital Image Processing)
    they offered me a pencil and a paper to explain.

    1.what do you mean by Image Processing ?
    2.what is segmentation?
    3. what are the filters u will use?
    4. difference between digital signal Procesing &Digital Image Processing?
    5.waht is the difference between EDGE&BOUNDARY?

    Another member asked about my present experience at cwprs.(Differential
    Global Positioning Systems)
    1.what do you mean by Differential Global Positioning Systems ?
    2.which method u will use for GPS for loacting a point?
    3. what is triangulation method?
    4. how many systems are there in DGPS?
    5.what i s satellite communication ?how many stellites are used for gps?
    6.what freq. range for gps?L-CODE,P-CODE,C/A CODE ETC.

    NEXT, member from signal processing..

    1. suppose a signal is there how u will find out it's freq?
    2.what is diff between periodic and non- peridoc signals?
    3. for non-periodic signals how u will find out the freq ?
    4. what is the diff between F.T and F. Series?
    5. what are filters?
    6. design band pass filter?
    7. take R,L,C components and design a band pass filter!
    8.draw the frequency response charecteristics of band pass filter?
    9.at the output of the filter what are parameters that wiil chage?
    then, chairman

    10. o.k, a simple question how u will design a notch filter/band reject
    filter and dra the frequency response?

    next, chairman asked for this interview what subjects u prepared?
    i told communication principles..

    yah, good

    do u know PCM?

    1. what is PCM?
    2. draw the block diagram for pcm comunication.
    3.sampling rate?
    4. expalin eeach block?
    5. quantisation noise?
    6. what is modem
    7.difference between bit rate and baud rate?

    next member asked few questions on micropreocesor and microcontroller
    then nextmember on some computer arch. questions?
    what is watch dog timer?
    what is interrupt latency?
    what is memory bandwidth?

    this all about one hour interview....

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    Re: Provide me Mechanical Related Question for DRDO?

    please send me drdo mechanical questions so that i can perpare for the kpcl exam here is my id mohammedmagdoom@gmail.com

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    Re: Provide me Mechanical Related Question for DRDO?

    I attached here one DRDO Mechanical Question paper and one aptitude question paper in DRDO DRDO APPTITUDE.pdf


    click this link to download mechanical Question paper for DRDO

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