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    Provide me previous year question papers of Physics for PG TRB?

    please sir send me pg trb previous year question paper for physics

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    Re: Provide me previous year question papers of Physics for PG TRB?


    Question papers of Physics for PG TRB

    A period showing no progress in a learning curve
    is termed as
    A) error B) inhibition
    C) plateau D) terminal point

    Group factor theory of intelligence was propose
    d by
    A) Spearman B) Thorndike
    C) Thurstone D) Guilford

    I.Q. can be calculated using the formula
    Mental Age
    Chrono logical Age
    Chronological Age
    Mental Age
    Mental Age
    Chronological Age
    Chronological Age
    Mental Age

    Which type of thinking is very essential for
    A) Positive thinking B) Convergent thinking
    C) Practical thinking D) Divergent thinking

    Robert Gagne’s theory of hierarchical learning
    consists of
    A) 7 types of learning B) 2 types of learning
    C) 8 types of learning D) 10 types of learning

    Which Article of the Constitution of India
    advocates free and compulsory school education?
    A) Article 354 B) Article 45
    C) Article 30 D) Article 31

    The most effective way of character formation in
    students is to
    A) advise the students frequently
    B) narrate about the lives of great men and women
    C) organise religious functions in the school
    D) make them sing songs

    A loud explosion is heard as you are teaching th
    class. What would you do?
    A) Stay in the class and send the class leader to fi
    the details
    B) Walk out of the class to know details
    C) Run to neighbouring class for information
    D) Advise the students to get away from the class in
    orderly manner

    The agency which helps to improve the quality of
    school education at state level is

    Education leads to the modification of
    A) Attitude B) Behaviour
    C) Life D) Interest

    Value Education means
    A) Religious Education B) Moral Education
    C) Cost Education D)
    Economics of Education

    Punishment is
    A) Reinforcement B) Negative Reinforcement
    C) Positive Reinforcement D) Encouragement

    Growth and development of the child are
    determined by two factors
    A) heredity and school B) school and home
    C) home and society D) heredity and environment

    Learning in free atmosphere was advocated by
    A) Montessori B) Gagne
    C) J. Krishnamurthy D) Gandhiji

    T h e ma t i c A p pe r c e pt i on Te s t ( TAT ) i s
    conducted to test the
    A) intelligence of a person B) personality of a person
    C) memory of a person D) achievement of a person

    ‘There is a tendency for all of us to seek our
    faults in others’ is termed as
    A) introjection B) repression
    C) projection D) rationalisation

    What is the principle behind individualised
    A) Reinforcement and learning
    B) Accommodation
    C) Adaptation
    D) Schemes

    Who advocated the method of ‘Learning by
    A) A.S.. Neil B) John Dewey
    C) Bertrand Russell D) Kilpatrick

    Which of the following plays the major role in
    social development of a child?
    A) School B) Family
    C) Society D) Neighbours

    A n ob j e ct i v e f a c t or w hic h d et e r m ine s
    attention in the classroom is
    A) interest B) novelty
    C) sentiment D) attitude

    The implementation of the following logic
    circuit performs ........... logic
    A) AND B) OR
    C) NAND D) NOR

    How many flip-flops are required to store a
    decimal number 100 in binary register?
    A) 3 B) 4
    C) 6 D) 8

    How many binary bits are added at a time in
    a full adder?
    A) 2 B) 3
    C) 4 D) 6

    What is the attenuation produced by the
    feedback network in a phase shift oscillator?
    A) 3 B) 8
    C) 17 D) 29

    The feedback component in an Op-Amp
    integrator circuit is
    A) an inductor B) a resistor
    C) a capacitor D) a transistor

    In a practical sample and hold circuit the
    control gate is
    A) AND gate B) NAND gate
    C) a FET D) a MOSFET

    Which of the following multivibrators has the
    inherent characteristic of dividing the input
    frequency by two?
    A) monostable B) bistable
    C) astable D) tristable

    The cavity magnetron uses strapping to
    A) prevent mode jumping
    B) prevent cathode back-heating
    C) ensure bunching
    D) improve the phase-focusing effect

    In 8085 microprocessor the ........... register
    pair serves as a 16 bit accumulator
    A) WZ B) BC
    C) DE D) HL

    On execution of the instruction MVIA, 00H
    which of the following flags will be affected?
    A) Z flag B) CY flag
    C) AC flag D) No flag

    The main features of liquid drop model and
    shell model are combined and proposed as
    A) optical model B) collective model
    C) Nelson model D) none of these

    Which one of the following has a continuous
    A) X-ray B)
    -ray D)

    GM counter should always be worked in
    .......... as indicated by its characteristic curve
    A) ohmic region B) plateau region
    C) breakdown region D) none of these

    The purpose of moderator in a nuclear reactor
    is to
    A) increase the reaction
    B) cool the reactor
    C) to slow down the fast neutrons
    D) to absorb the neutron

    If the multiplication factor K>1, the reaction
    is called
    A) critical B) super-critical
    C) sub-critical D) none of these

    The particle, which most easily penetrates
    through the nucleus of an atom, is
    A) neutron B) electron
    C) proton D)

    The sun releases energy by
    A) nuclear fission
    B) nuclear fusion
    C) spontaneous combustion
    D) hydrothermal process

    The scintillation counter
    A) is not used for counting
    - particles
    B) counts only
    - rays
    C) uses a material, which emits light when a
    charged particle strikes it
    D) counts only- particles

    Fast neutrons are slowed down by
    A) diffraction through a slit
    B) using shield of lead
    C) passing them through a substance rich in
    D) sheet of iron

    Which of the following flip-flops has overcome
    the race around problem?
    A) RS B) RST C) JK D)

    Partial wave analysis can be applied when the
    potential is
    A) zero B) spherically symmetric
    C) negative D) none of these

    In perturbation theory Fermi’s golden rule
    A) reflection coefficient
    B) total energy
    transition probability
    unit time
    D) transmission coefficient

    Born approximation can be applied for
    A) low energy particles
    B) high energy particles
    C) negative energy particles
    D) all the particles

    The minimum energy required to disrupt a
    stable nucleus is
    A) binding energy B) zero point energy
    C) potential energy D) none of these

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