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    Questions on TRB PG Chemistry?

    trb pg chemistry qutionam chemistry

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    Re: Questions on TRB PG Chemistry?

    The questions in TRB PG assistant exam will be on the following syllabus

    Syllabus for Chemistry

    Unit I

    Periodic properties
    VB theory, MO theory
    Non aqueous solvents
    Solid state chemistry
    Structural aspects of solids
    Electrical properties of solids
    Magnetic properties of solids

    Unit II

    Co-ordination chemistry
    Optical activity and concept of chirality
    Geometrical isommerism resulting from double bonds
    Confermational analysis

    Unit III

    Organic reaction mechanism
    Aliphatic nucleophilic substitution SN1,SN2 and SNi reactions
    Addition to double bond and triple bond
    Elimination reactions E1,E2,E1cB mechanism
    The chemistry of natural products structure elucidation and biogenisis

    Unit IV

    The old quantum theory
    DC broglies postulates of matter waves
    Operators in quantum mechanics
    Applications of scrodinger equation
    Symmetric elements & symmetric operations
    Symmetric selection rule for IR and Ramanspectra

    Unit V

    Thermodynamic equations of state
    Maxwell's distribution of molecular velocities
    Chemical equilibrium
    Phase equilibrium
    Thermal analysis
    Chemical crystallography

    Unit IV

    Nuclear chemistry
    Application of radio activity
    orgnometallic compounds
    Inorganic photo chemistry

    Unit VII

    Term symbols and term states
    Magnetic interactions
    Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
    Electron spin resonance spectro scopy

    Unit VIII

    Huckel's rule and concept of aromaticity
    Molecular rearrangements
    Modern synthetic reactions

    Unit IX

    Theories of reaction rates
    Electro potential

    Unit X

    Theory and applications of the different spectro methods like IR spectre, Raman spectra, laser...etc
    Merisation reactions - mechanism
    Types of polymers
    Applications of polymers

    So prepare the above syllabus for TRB exam

    Some important dates of TRB exam

    Last date to apply : 30-03-2012
    Date of exam : 27-05-2012

    For applications and doubts visit : www.trb.tn.nic.in

    All the best

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    Re: Questions on TRB PG Chemistry?

    best example of a atom.in a related to daily life.

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    Re: Questions on TRB PG Chemistry?

    Suggest web address to refer materials for m.sc chemistry.

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