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    Quieting job for CAT prep or to continue preparation along with.

    Hello Sir, Iv done B.TECH in ELECTRONICS AND COMM. from Jamia Millia Islamia

    A big dilemma in front of me. Its been 11 months me working in TCS.Two options in front of me now

    1-To continue with the job and prepare for cat completing the work ex of 2 years.

    2-To quit the job and strengthen my subjects of economy and politics excellently for an year apart from preparing for CAT leaving work ex of just one year.

    Im more tilted towards 2nd option as i want to strengthen my knowledge by studying hard though i even want to get a seat in IIMs.

    In this job, no active learning is there except for definite secondary learning which happens plus they make us work for 11 hours and even insist on coming to Saturdays. Quite frustated with this but definitely need to choose the best option.
    Can you please help me out in this..
    Thanx a lot..

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