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    Scope of lecturer job after completing M.Phill in Zoology. Can i pursue M.Phill after LLB? What would be the preferable course after 12th with PCB subjects

    1) I wanted to know whether we could pursue an MPhil after taking LLB and teach law related subjects in any of the colleges?

    2) What is the scope of getting a job as a lecturer after completing MPhil in Zoology or is it better to take Political Science and take Phd in Pol science? Please reply keeping Job point of view as I wish to get to work as soon as I complete my studies.

    3) I am 12 std student and I have taken Physics Chemistry and Biology as subjects but not Maths as I wanted to become a Doctor but now I have decided not to become one and would even like to change my stream and get into teaching line. What would be a preferable Course?

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