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    In which sector i wil get job after MSW from IGNOU?

    If i do msw in IGNOU in which sector i will get job?
    What type of job?

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    Re: In which sector i wil get job after MSW from IGNOU?

    The career opportunities for the individuals after doing the MSW course are immense. The individuals can get employment opportunities in various government and private institutions. There are several developmental projects in the government side related to the following areas –
    Child, woman and tribal welfare, Education, Health, Rural development
    A nongovernmental organization (NGO) is an important segment relating to the jobs which have its presence in both urban and rural areas. Those who have opted social work as a career can get employed in welfare schemes in a way providing the education, health, medical and various other welfare schemes to the poor sections of the society. Some individuals work independently by starting their own NGOs. The candidates have scope of employment after the completion of this course because of the globalization impact in general. The individuals also have good scope for employment abroad also after the completion of MSW. The MSW post graduates are extending their work towardsthe environment also. As a result of which these individuals are working for the issues related to the environmental protection etc. The individuals have high scope of employment in corporate and industrial domains also. The pay package in this industry is very lucrative. It mainly depends on the type of post, experience and qualification of the individuals also. How ever this area of work not only needs the MSW degree but also other qualities such as dedication, patience, good mindset of helping others, hard work etc among the individuals for success in this field. Remuneration of qualified professional social worker varies according to their job profile, qualification and experience. Those employed in government’s community developmental projects have good earnings of Rs 8000 to Rs 10000. Those working for NGOs also have similar pay structures. One can expect higher salary in corporate houses and industries. Salaries and perks are even higher in International NGOs. The Social Workers who are running their own NGOs also have handsome earnings

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    Re: In which sector i wil get job after MSW from IGNOU?

    dear, sir i have completed msw i get job govermnt sector please some deatiles

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