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    What is BMS? What is the scope of it?

    Wat is fees?
    Do we job after completin tis job n wats the startin payment

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    Re: What is BMS? What is the scope of it?

    Hello Guest,

    Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) is a bachelor's degree in management and business studies.It is a full time programme which includes courses like advanced courses for specific concentrations and general business courses.The degree aims to develop undergraduate students to be leaders and managers capable of taking on the challenges and rigors of the global marketplace. Over the years, the program has grown in popularity among Indian students due to the growing demand for professionally qualified middle management executive in the market place.


    >> Human Resource Management
    >> Sales and Marketing
    >> Jobs in PSU banks
    >> Business Consultancies
    >> Research and Development
    >> Business House
    >> Educational Institutes
    >> Export Companies
    >> Financial Organizations
    >> MNCíS etc.

    As a BMS graduate you can expect a minimum annual pay package of Rs.1.5-2 lakh. However starting salaries vary widely depending upon the employer industry and organisation. To improve your job prospects you must ensure that you get an above average score and perform well in campus placement interviews. However, there is a chance of your being superseded by an MBA-equipped professional. The MBA qualification gives you a flying start in terms of getting a better salary and designation.


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    Re: What is BMS? What is the scope of it?

    Hi Guest,

    There are many abbreviations for BMS, they are as follows:

    Business Management System

    Building Management System

    Broadcast Management Service

    Bachelor of Management Studies

    Bachelor of Marine Science

    I hope you are asking about Bachelor of Management Studies.

    The scope for BMS in India is good but not comparable to that of CS or BBA.

    Thank you,

    All the best.

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    Re: What is BMS? What is the scope of it?

    Hey Guys
    Iam currently in the last year of my BMS degree.
    I was wondering if doing an MBA immediately after i graduate is better or getting a work experience of 2 years and then go for MBA ?

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