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    What are the different job oppurtunities if i do honours in chemistry?

    After passing higher secondary exam , if i want to do honours in chemistry then what else do i have to do in order to get a job or what are the career options that i have and what are the subjects that i need to keep in college as my pass subjects so that it would suit the job requirements.

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    Re: What are the different job oppurtunities if i do honours in chemistry?

    Job Perspectives after Chemistry Hons:- Chemistry is a subject which is applied in almost every aspects in our daily life from kitchen to nuclear reactor. As such there is a job for Chemistry Degrees holders, to wherever their eyes can roll to. The three major employers of chemists are >>academic institutions,
    >>industry, especially the chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry, &
    >> government laboratories.
    Jobs for chemists usually require at least a bachelor's degree, but many positions, especially those in research, require a Ph.D. The chemical industry is huge and employs a large number of bachelors in chemistry. A graduate in Chemistry can go into research, conducting experiments and developing theoretical knowledge in a variety of theoretical or applied areas, or even get into teaching and academics. Industries in the manufacture and processing of food and beverage products such as biscuits and noodles, jams and cheeses, and readymade processed food itemsalso take on chemistry graduates.Other jobs include those in the energy - oil, gas, and power sectors, as also those in the health and pharmaceutical fields.
    >>The Wide Employment Areas of a chemistry degree holder:-
    *. Pharmaceutical Companies.
    *. Agrochemical Industry.
    *. Petrochemical Industry.
    *. Toiletry Industry.
    *. Plastic Manufacturing Units.
    *. Chemical Manufacturers.
    *. Food Processing Firms.
    *. Paint Manufacturing Companies.
    *. Plastics Industries.
    *. Textile Industries.
    *. Educational Institutes.
    *. Independent laboratories.
    *. Environmental Law.
    *. Patent Law Firms.
    *. Space Exploration Agencies.
    *. Forensic Science Department.
    *. Ceramics Industry.
    *. Paper Industry.
    *. Military Systems Department.
    >>And The Job Types are-
    *. Analytical Chemist.
    *. Teacher.
    *. Lab Chemist.
    *. Production Chemist.
    *. Research & Development Manager.
    *. R&D Director.
    *. Chemical Engineering Associate.
    *. Biomedical Chemist.
    *. Industrial Research Scientist.
    *. Materials Technologist.
    *. Quality Controller.
    *. Production Officer.
    *. Safety Health and Environment Specialist. Etc.
    >> Now let me clear your confusion regarding the pass subjects. If you take Chemistry as a hons subject then it is mandatory to take Math & Physics as pass subjects because Chemistry is a subject of Pure Science. However, there may be some colleges where it may not be mandatory which is not my knowledge & i didn't heard about that also. Anyway, if there is a possibility, i will still suggesst you to take Math & Physics as pass subjects because Pure Science has always a greater perspective.

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    Re: What are the different job oppurtunities if i do honours in chemistry?

    what all i can do after msc chemistry hons.

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