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    What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?

    I am Aratrika Ray. I have done B.tech(EIE) in 2012 from an renowned institute, kolkata.I am average student, having 75% marks overall. I haven't got placed in the on campus-sing
    from my college. For 2012 batch there is no off campus-sing either, except a referral drive. I couldn't make it since i do not know any person who can refer me to getting a job. I have been trying so hard
    to get a job in software sector, it is my dream to be a software developer. But there is no vacancy in kolkata, even a small company. Many people advised me to do software related course(mainly java). I am already holding a certificate in C programming. I am not willing to spend money for this courses since i do not know if i got the job what my domain would be! But i have been jobless for 1 year, do not know what to do. If i do a technical stock marketing course , that would be helpful for me? What is right for me. Should i stick into it or think something else, that i could a job asap. I am total confused. I came across this discussion group, seen many confused people have cleared their doubt. i want someone to give me valuable advise on this to overcome the situation.

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    Re: What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?

    Friend you are a B.tech(EIE) according to your statement you need a job in IT sector.

    Your academic career is not good so that you did not placed in college campus.To be

    a developer you must have the knowledege in Java/Dot.Net /C+ c+++/oracle/sap/PHP etc.

    You have to be an expert at least in one computer language for this purpose you need to

    complete a course which you prefer most.After getting knowledge you get training without

    remuneration.You learn every thing during your training after that you enter in a small software

    company, you show your expertise gradually you will be able to rech at the zenith point in IT sector.

    Thank You,

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    Re: What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?

    After comlete it b.tech various
    opportunity. After comlete it b.tech
    you are get a job in good it
    company with best salary.
    And you should study in more, so
    you can get admision in m.tech.
    Otherwise you get exam of
    Below shown some it company for
    you get job.
    > list of it company
    -20North Online Pvt Ltd
    -n)Code Solutions (GNFC)
    -1E Infosystems
    -247 Computing Services Pvt Ltd
    ( Futurenet )
    -microsoft, etc.
    best of luck

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    Re: What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?


    ur percentage shows that u r sy talented so u can go for Govt sector jobs like-

    1.BANK PO exams
    2.Junior telecom officer exams.
    3.Defense exams.
    4.Railway exams.

    and many more psu,dnt go for any other job

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    Re: What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?

    Dear friend
    IT and Software companies will only recruite the people who have good knowledge in programming and good communication skills.

    So,for you it is better to learn programming languages like JAVA, SAP,etc.. by joining any institute,which is also providing placements, without worrying about money.

    And you can find jobs at many websites like

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    Re: What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?

    Information Technology is particularly important in the "service" industries such as banking, insurance, and communications. The majority of new jobs in recent years have been in these service industries. A growing job market for BTech ( Information Technology ) graduates is in the area of Internet programming and software development for mobile devices. after complete your studies dont wait for a good job ,if u are a programmer design some mobile applications.. so many websites are encourage young programmers and gave somey money also....like apple ,nokia ,sun microsystems ... u can design jar games,applications

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    Re: What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?

    Hello Friend,

    Well, your overall percentage is very good. You an easily get a job in all top IT
    companies in India. But, you need to be calm and patience as the saying goes
    "Slow and steady win the race". First you have to register your profile with
    top IT company websites. The next step would be to upload your details along
    with resume. Once, the process is done you will get your registration number.
    Just keep the number with you for furthar reference. The companies will surely
    call you once they have opening. These are the companies you should apply,

    1. Infosys.
    2. IBM.
    3. TCS.
    4. Accenture.
    5. Wipro.
    6. CTTS.
    7. RS Software.
    8. PWC.
    9. NokiaSiemens.
    10. Ericson.
    11. Oracle.
    12. Sun Microsystem.

    You don't have to do anythiing right now. Just be yourself. Not many people have overall 75% marks. You
    just need an opportunity and you will get it sooner or latter.


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    Re: What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?

    As you had already completed B.tech EIE and your not ready to spend money for buidling your technical skills. It is necesary to build the programming skills if you want to make career in Software developer and you have done Prog. In C which is only the basic to all Languanges and it wont hold career to build with single language. So try to learn more languages as you are wellknow with C, you find ease in learning C++ and then Core Java then Advace Java. You can opt to be Trainer to some coaching for C and have some expense to develope skills in other programming language that way you can develop skills to your language and have pocket expenses too also would be busy with own career development.

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    Re: What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?

    Hello dude!

    As you have completed b.tech you are eligible for getting into software companies but as you already mentioned that there are no campus interviews then it's a huge task for you to get a job because the opportunities are very poor in the outside world. I think it's better if you learn any courses like JAVA or other courses because if you join in any institute that offers you placement then it's there will be another chance to you. I also suggest you to upload resumes in various websites like
    www.expertjobs.org. These are the various websites that provide you opportunities regarding jobs.All you need to do is to register and upload your resume.

    Some of the top Companies that mostly visit colleges for interviews are listed below:
    SYNTEL etc.

    The details are:
    • A Software Engineer is a highly skilled job and requires expert knowledge in Computer programming and Software development.
    • The ability to develop and interpret technical plans.
    • A creative approach to problem solving.
    • An excellent understanding of Computer Aided Software Engineering tools.
    • Excellent Communication Skillis(both written and verbal).
    • A good understanding of customer care.
    • Excellent Interpersonal skills.
    • Good team working abilities.
    • The ability to explain complicated process in non technical language.
    • The ability to concentrate for long periods of time.
    The selection process for all the companies is almost same.Basically there are two types,one is campus recruitment mode and the other direct application.The selection process of the campus recruitment mode is as follows.It consists of three rounds.Every round is a knock out round and if you get selected in all the rounds then you will be given an offer letter.They are:
    1.Written test.
    2.Technical Interview.
    3.HR Interview.
    If it's a direct application mode then there will be an interview only.

    First you must learn about the company and the services they provide.In addition to this you must know about yourself.So make it a point to explain yourself because with such simple questions,the interviewer assesses your language fluency and presentation style,your family background,your goal,aim and vision.

    Basically you must have good knowledge in the computer languages like C,C++,JAVA,ORACLE,.NET,PHP and scripting languages like Javascript,VBscript,J2EE,J2SE etc.If you can have the programming knowlege then it will be easy for you to clear the rounds.In addition to subject knowledge you must also have the ability to solve the questions related to Aptitude,Reasoning.

    Communication skills are among the intangible skill sets most valued by the employers.The ability to communicate effectively,especially during oral presentations can boost your marketability and viability to work in various career.To develop good skills,you need to consider both the verbal and non verbal factors,they are Body language,Vocal tone,Awareness etc.So they play a key role in the interviews.

    The above mentioned are the various details of the software companies.


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    Re: What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?

    Hello Dude ...


    So you need to get good COMMAND over the Programming languages like









    There by you can find the employment in the companies like






    MAHINDRA SATYAM ...etc .,


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    Re: What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?

    Hi Guest,

    In order to get a job in IT sector after B.Tech, you need to have the best skills in technical field and have good communication skills also.

    If you are good enough at the following programming languages, then it is easy to find a job in IT field:

    C Language




    And few other courses.

    Thank you,

    All the best.

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    Re: What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?

    dear friend,

    AFter the B.tech you can apply for the job posts under the IT sector if you are eligible for the job post under the software companies and qualify the respective entrance exam which has been conducted by the respective companies

    SOftware companies which has been hire the engineering students like :

    INFOSYS ETC these are some software companies job post in which you can apply

    eligibility for the job post under the software companies ;

    1. should be passed the 10th or 12th with atleast 65% marks from any recognized institute.
    2. should be passed the bachelor degreein engineering with atleast 65% marks from any recognized university
    3. your communication skill must be good
    4. your analytical and logical ability must be good
    5. your must be good in computer languages like C?c++/JAVA etc

    so on the based of these eligibility condition you can apply for the job post under the software companies

    SElection process under the software companies :

    1. Written test Technically
    2. technical Interview
    3. HR Interview

    Technical Written test :

    1. Aptitude
    2. Reasoning
    3. technical questions from C/Java
    4. English skill

    after the qualify the written test you get the call for the technical Interview

    best of luck !

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    Re: What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?

    Re: What to do to get job in IT sector, after B.Tech?

    Hi friend,

    I think present IT sector down
    You can learn some course like
    C++, C Language
    Dot Net

    This course based jobs present leads the IT sector

    So you can learn any one and attend the interviews

    all the best...........

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    Re: What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?

    Hi Aratrika,,,, dont worry,, as you like to work in IT sector,,, you need to good in coding part,, like Java, PHP, ASP ASP.net, make train yourself in this area,, if not testing, warehousing,,,, only with those you can easily enter in IT sectors,,,, you should good in communication, which is more important in every place,,,, try to do the course which i mentioned above, which helps u lot in interview panel and more openings in IT field,, So all the best my friend,,,,,

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    Re: What to do to get a job in IT sector, after B.tech?

    Hi Aratrika,

    As you said your dream is to become a software developer, attend some off campus placements and the IT firms in Kolkatta are very less when compared to the other parts of India like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune , Chennai where there are the IT gaints located. If you are unable to find any off campus placements at your place if u have no problem in shifting you can try out the other places. And the other point is you are saying that you are jobless from one year , so if you are confident enough about our profile, update your resume in sites like naukri.com, monster.com where you can get some oppurtunities matching your profile. Since you have already 1 year out from your college firms expect you to do a bit more than the freshers. So inorder to be ahead of them , learn programming languages atleast the basics.Stick to one language any thing and as you said you don't want to waste money..jst install trial version and study from the books and practice on your machine..Companies doesn't check your certifications. It is just talent is what they need. In the mean time attend all possible ways of interviews where your profile matches.

    Hope this info helps you.

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