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    What is the future scope of Robotics?

    I'm studing 6 years intigrated B.tech Which branch will i have to take in B.tech to study robotics? Is there any reqirements to study robotics What will be the future of robotics?and the jobs

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    Re: What is the future scope of Robotics?

    dear friend,

    There are amazing opportunities in the field of robotics..

    Robotics is the damn interesting course..

    as the humans are highly developing in all the ways

    they are also aspiring more comforts and luxuries and for this purpose the humans are developing machines to enjoy the result what they are expecting..

    so for this

    robotics group for young minds is very interesting and good career option..

    and some countries like japan are facing serious problem of man power for that purpose too they are depending upon machines

    which are nothing but

    already 90% of car is designed by a robots..

    so for creating robot and developing the art of artificial intelligence the human intelligence highly required factor..

    so definitely the robotic engineers will have a bright future..

    so i think you understood the scope of robotics by the above two examples

    don't keep any doubts in your mind..

    just opt robotics

    you will seriously have a very bright future

    all the very best

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    Re: What is the future scope of Robotics?

    A course in robotics trains and educates a student in the field of artificial intelligence, computer-aided manufacturing, computer integrated manufacturing system, computational geometry, robot motion planning, digital electronics and micro processing. The different facets of building a robot include working on developing the hardware, software, intelligence control and adaptive control of this machine.
    A specialisation in robotics is a popular choice for students going abroad to study. This field offers job opportunities and a robotics engineer can apply his mastery in diverse fields like modern warfare, surgery, nano-technology and space-exploration. Many funding programmes and scholarships are available for research and PhD. students. Developing a robot comes with the goal of finding a solution to the problem. Along with the technical know-how, interest in research is essential. This field has no boundaries and will continue to grow until the machines take over!

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    Re: What is the future scope of Robotics?

    Job Opportunities for Robotics Engineering :

    Research work on robotics applications in various fields

    Assist engineers in the design & application of robot systems

    Inspect electronic components involved in production of robot

    Test robots for defects after manufacturer's assembly

    Install robot safety systems

    Robots in Transpiration :

    Light Rail

    Robots in the Military :

    Smart Munitions
    Net Centric Systems

    Robotic Androids :


    Robots & Artificial Intelligence :

    Thinking Machines & Systems

    Robots in the home :

    Washing Car
    Doing Chores
    Mowing the Lawn

    Robots in Security :

    Bomb Sniffers
    Bomb Squads

    Robots for the weather & Environment :

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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    Re: What is the future scope of Robotics?

    you can go for a PCM with computer science if you are interested in robotics... the scope of this field will only increase in the future as humans become more and more dependant on machines..also we are constantly discovering new areas of reasearch where it is humanly impossible to go..for example outer space..so we take the help of robots ...after doing a bachelors degree in engineering prefferentially mechanical or electrical..you can opt for a wide range of robotics involved fields ..such as maintstream robotics or nanotech etc.

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