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    What is the job done after nanotechnology

    after completing nanotechnology in what way it is use full.wha is the job to do

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    Re: What is the job done after nanotechnology


    Various types of the courses and future good job present in the nanotechnology

    =>In india you have not that much scope but in foreign countries you have the lot of opportunity for this you have to go for the foreign counties there you have lot of scope for nanotechnology

    =>Nanotechnology colleges are also very few in india and you will have the less opportunity for this so in foreign if you get the job then there you will have lot of scope and salary also

    =>according to me now you are completed the master degree then you have to complete the ph.d then you can join in the research field there you can earn lot and learn also

    =>you have good commond on the this subjects and skills in the work

    you can also join in the various research fields in india but you will not earn much


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    Re: What is the job done after nanotechnology

    Nanotecnology has wide area.There are a lot of firms which employ biotechnology in their project. You can work with
    Auto fibre craft, Bee chemicals, Bilcare, Eris tecnology, Mittal enterprise, Dabur pharma, Cranes software, Icon analytical equipment, Micromaterials,Mp3s Nanotechnology, Nano cutting edge tecnology, Nano biochemicals, Nano material technology, United nanotechnologies, Nanoshel, Neo ecosystem, Quantum corporations etc...CSIR( Council for Scientific And Industrial Research) has several laboratories across INDIA. You can work in them in research sector.

    Nanotechnology is being applied in several fields like
    Better air quality
    Sporting goods
    Solar cells
    Fuel cells
    Chemical sensors
    Electronics etc..........

    The different areas in which you can get job are:-
    Pharmaceuticals companies
    Drugs and cosmetics
    Sports equipments
    Food science and quality control
    Material science i.e. Textile, Polymer, Packaging
    Environmental monitoring and control
    Medical field
    National security
    Semiconductor industry
    Auto and aerospace industry
    Biotechnology etc..........

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    Re: What is the job done after nanotechnology

    Hello Dear
    nanotechnology student have a great job opportunity and scope also in research field. but india is not so developed in nanotechnology. so most of the cases good student from nanotechnology student go to abroad for their research work.
    you may join as lecturer in institution those have nanotechnology subject. you may join as a assistant of any researcher. other field also available. but i will suggest you to complete your P.hd.

    Current applications of nanoscale science and technology, and thus career opportunities, exist in areas such as:

    Electronics/semiconductor industry
    Materials science including textiles, polymers, packaging, among other
    Auto and aerospace industries
    Sports equipment
    Pharmaceuticals including drug delivery, cosmetics, among others
    Medical fields
    Environmental monitoring and control
    Food science including quality control and packaging
    University and federal lab research
    National security
    And many more
    Expected Salary will be:
    Two Year Associates $30,000-50,000
    Four Year Bachelors $35,000-65,000
    Six Year Masters $40,000-80,000
    Eight Year Doctorate $75,000-100,000

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