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    What are the job oriented course for MA Geography?

    I have completed BA(Hons) Geography from Delhi University. I want to join any job oriented course in Master Degree (Geography) or parallel course which may give job placement after completing the course. Let me advice how to be got.

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    Re: What are the job oriented course for MA Geography?

    Hi GUEST,

    You can specialize in numerous fields after BA in geography to get a decent job.

    Specialization Areas:
    >>Developments & Housing projects
    >>Urban & Regional Planning
    >>Remote Sensing
    >>Population Studies
    >>Economic Geography
    >>Environmental Geography

    Job Areas:
    Urban and Regional Planners and Cartographers services are required by the government sector and research institutions. Remote sensing technology and GIS information are greatly utilized by various private sector organizations who need the assistance of geographers. Developmental organizations and NGO’s involved in the study of environmental issues, rural development and population studies also require the expertise from a geographer.


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    Re: What are the job oriented course for MA Geography?

    Hello Friend,

    Geography is a course which deals with the study of Earth and the changes that occur to it. The students who take this course will get an overall idea about the earth's features, its populace and various occurrence. The students will also study about the features of soil , land and the climatic variations all across the world. Students who have completed the study of Geography will get an opportunity to work as a Geographer in various departments.

    Some of the Specialized fields are;
    * Behavior geography
    * Bio geography
    * Climatology
    * Coastal Geography
    * Cultural Geography
    * Demography Geography
    * Development Geography
    * Economic Geography
    * Environmental Geography
    * Geodesy
    * Geomorphology
    * Glaciology
    * Health Geography
    * Historical Geography
    * Hydrology
    * Landscape Ecology
    * Limnology
    * Oceanography
    * Palaeogeography
    * Pedology
    * Political Geography
    * Regional Geography

    Job Scope after MA Geography;
    There are multiple options available for the students who have completed M.A in Geography course s far as career is concerned. The job and career path will entirely depend upon the specializations taken by the students.
    Some of the job opportunities,
    * Forest Manager
    * Agricultural Specialist
    * Cartographer
    * Regional and Urban Planner
    * GIS and Remote sensing Specialist
    * Demographer , etc


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    Re: What are the job oriented course for MA Geography?

    i am a student of arts background. after completing m.sc. in geography, i want to join any mining courses. is it possible? if it send details.....

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    Re: What are the job oriented course for MA Geography?


    the job oriented courses for ma geography-------------------

    1.remote sensing
    3.cultural geography
    7.political geography

    all the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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