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    What is the scope after B.A?

    what is job scopes after B.A.

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    Re: What is the scope after B.A?

    hey you dont have mentioned that which subject you have\

    now i have discussed about ba in economy

    Scope for Higher Studies after B.A in Economics

    Subsequent to the completion of the studies in the graduate level, it is possible for students to choose from a wide range of prospects to go for higher studies. They can do their Masterís in any of the streams like:

    M.A. in Economics
    M.A. in Mass Communication (MMC)
    M.Sc. in Advertisement & Journalism
    Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    Masters in Applied Economics
    MBA in Economics
    Students of Economics can secure good jobs in the fields of management, public relations, teaching etc. In case they wish to pursue their further studies; students can go for M.Phil or PhD in a variety of specializations.

    Other Certification Courses after B.A in Economics

    There are numerous certification courses that the students can opt for once they finish their graduation in Economics. SAP training, Diploma in Share Trading and Investment, Company Secretary Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Events, banking and finance courses etc are some of the courses that are made available for the students. If the students wish to go for computer courses, there are many courses in that field too. Having a good knowledge in computer programming will provide to be of help for hem when to go for better jobs.

    Career Opportunities after B.A in Economics

    Numerous job opportunities are available for students once they have completed their graduation in the field of economics. On the successful completion of BA Economics, aspirants can seek out for jobs in the public and the private sectors. They can even attend UPSC entrance exams, IAF account exams and Combined Defense Services exam and so on. On top of this, with more experience aspirants will also be able to open their own corporate or consultancies. Those with more experience can apply for jobs with institutes of management or with multi national companies. Educational institutions and the finance sector also provide good job prospects for students of Economics.

    Candidates with BA Economics can also take up teaching as a career. But for this it is advisable for students to finish a Masters Course and clear NET exam in order to get into colleges, universities and professional institutions as lectures. Students can also opt for non-profit establishments like NGOs and Economic consulting etc.

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    Re: What is the scope after B.A?


    B.A stands for Bachelor Of Arts,it is a degree for bachelor in arts.One mainly have two options after graduation,go for further studies or else for jobs.
    As you have done graduation in arts your probable options are M.A,the most likely one.But you should realize that B.A is a non technical degree,so as M.A.A non technical degree,have limitations.A non technical degree only allows you to apply in government organizations where as a technical degree have options in both government and private sector.

    Hence if you want to study further,try for a technical degree.The best and above all would be MBA,a management degree is the best of all.It will allow you to look for both government and private sector.

    Where as if you want to apply for jobs,then only government jobs are the options.You have chances in
    5)air force.
    6)civil service.
    7)income tax officer,sub inspector jobs.

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    Re: What is the scope after B.A?

    dear friend,

    After the B.A you can apply for the many government and private department job posts like :

    1. After the B.A you can apply for the job post under the civil service like :

    IFS etc these are most important posts under the government department every indian wants to become a IAS or IPS officer these are most toughest entrance exam which has been conducted by the UPSC department

    2. You can apply for the job in Bank sector posts like
    Clerk etc through the IBPS entrance exam or entrance exam has been conducted by own banks

    3. In railways department job post like
    Ticket checker
    Operational research
    Ticket collector etc

    through the RRB entrance exam

    4. Income tax department post

    5. Police force post

    6. Private banks posts

    7. Private companies accountant and Call center job post

    8. Agent job post under the private companies

    9. After the B.A you can do it Architecture ,course , painter / arts designing /fashion designing/ tourist course etc

    so after the B.A you have a lots of opportunity to make your career bright ..

    thank you!

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    Re: What is the scope after B.A?

    Hello Friend,

    There are Lot of opportunities for After completing BA Course.

    You can join in many courses like:







    From The above courses i will suggest you to pursue MBA or MA,B.Ed.

    Now a days Many MNC's are showing interest to take MBA students .After completing of MBA you will Get High salaries.

    You can apply for bank jobs Also.There a good scope for MBA course in India as well as in Abroad.

    After completing BA you can go with MA .Because It will be similar to BA course.

    After completing B.Ed you can appear For NET exams for the Lecturer job or Teacher job.

    You can Go For Govt Jobs as Well As Private Jobs After BA.

    You can also apply for government jobs like:



    3)Civil services

    4)Teaching Field

    For Civil services like IAS,IPS You should have the subjects like Maths ,physics as major one Then Only You Are Eligible.

    Go According To Your Interest .

    All The Best..

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    Re: What is the scope after B.A?

    After completing your BA, you can opt for various options like B.Ed, MBA or can also in for Post Graduation in Mass Communication. You can also opt for a foreign language course which will enhance your chances of getting better career opportunities.

    You can start your career from following jobs such as;
    call centers
    Back office jobs

    If you are open to other fields then do look for programs like petroleum engineering, aerospace engineering, automotive design engineering etc. As these programs are from core sector, there are ample opportunities in this sector and you can easily get a job too here.


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