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    What should i do after B.E? Which option is better between MBA and M.Tech?

    sir, i am a B.E graduate with 55% aggregate , if i had got 60% i could have tried for software or hardware jobs. so now i decide to study further,i felt m.b.a subjects interesting when i read 2 subjects which i had in my graduate, but my friends and others are suggesting that you should have a good % to get good colleges in m.b.a ,thats might be true. but i am not interested in m.tech but my father is also suggesting to do m.tech, please guide me with your suggestions

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    Re: What should i do after B.E? Which option is better between MBA and M.Tech?

    M.Tech vs MBA
    First, understand that there is no point comparing M.Tech and MBA. Both are specialised degrees and have value in their respective fields. Both M.Tech and MBA provide excellent career options and have
    gained importance in last few years. M.Tech or MBA is always an additional advantage to an engineer whether it is in terms of knowledge, experience or seniority. Whether it be a manufacturing, IT or R&D driven organisation, there would be requirements for both M.Techs and MBAs. The former would be more of a subject matter specialist, while the latter would handle product marketing, sales, project management, human resources, IT process, consulting or customer service management. Doing M.Tech in a particular field will definitely make you more valuable to a company that has business profile of that field. MBA, on other hand, will give you a totally different business perspective and is broader in scope. Choice is entirely up to you Ideally, you should make the choice on the basis of your capabilities, career goals and interests. If you want to continue your career in technical field, M.Tech is the right choice for you. You can even switch to teaching or research. But if you want to work in the industry, MBA is the way to go. MBA is a management course that will enhance your managerial, communication and presentation skills. After MBA, you get the entry to the field of business and administration where you can go in for options like marketing, sales, human resources and operation management. Specifically, M.Tech is suitable for a product-based industry where technical skills are required. MBA is more suitable for a service- and customer-oriented industry. Engineering graduates having a management degree are perfect for front-end sales, field applicatio and customer facing jobs. However, if an organisation is innovation hungry, pure engineering with master’s specialisation is a lethal combination!

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    Re: What should i do after B.E? Which option is better between MBA and M.Tech?

    dear friend,

    B.E. is one of the most thriving but reputed and popular course in all the courses present in the world and it also has a number of job opportunities present thereafter.There are anumber of sub fields present under B.E. and all of themtoo are brillliant and you have to opt one of them.

    those courses are as :

    Environmental Engineering
    Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineering
    Electronics and Communication Engineering
    Computer Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Agricultural Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Electronics Engineering
    Bio-Medical Engineering

    also there are a wide number of courses are too there but these are most popular.

    As already said,B.E. has great demand in the whole world but if after B.E. a post graduation course is opted then,the scope and value of b.e. degree enhances and the most populat post graduation courses after B.E. are :


    All of the above courses are considered as the brilliant courses as they have their own scope but it more depends on your interest towards that course.

    M.TECH is master of technology opted generally after b.tech or b.e.
    Master of Engineering or Master of Technology or Master of Science in Engineering degree is a postgraduate program in engineering or technology field. This is generally a 2-year (2.5 years for MSc Engg ) specialization program in a specific branch of engineering or a technical field. Students typically enter the ME/MTech/MSc Engg/Msc.(Tech) programs after completing a 4-year undergraduate program in engineering resulting in the award of a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Technology degree, or a 5-year program in Science or Applied Sciences resulting in the award of a Master of Science degree.

    The Master of Business Administration (MBA or M.B.A.) is a master's degree in business administration, which attracts people from a wide range of academic disciplines. The MBA designation originated in the United States, emerging from the late 19th century as the country industrialized and companies sought out scientific approaches to management. The core courses in the MBA program are designed to introduce students to the various areas of business such as

    --human resources
    --operations management etc.

    Students in MBA programs have the option of taking general business courses throughout the program or can select an area of concentration and focus approximately one-fourth of their studies in this subject.


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    Re: What should i do after B.E? Which option is better between MBA and M.Tech?

    Friend according to your option I suggest after BE you can do MBA course.

    For this purpose eg MBA(Master in Business Administration) you must go through MBA Entrance exam.

    You can appear Cat/Mat/Xat/Gmet MBA entrance examinations to get MBA good colleges.

    MBA Entrance Eligibility:-

    A Graduate from the recognized University or a final year candidate having minimum 50% marks can write MBA entrance examination.

    Relaxations for S/C S/T are there, they are to get 45% marks.

    To do MBA entrance as well as MBA course there is no need to maintain minimum age.

    Thank You,

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    Re: What should i do after B.E? Which option is better between MBA and M.Tech?

    Hello friend
    it totaly depends upon you that in which field you want to join.
    You can go towards that field in which you are more interseted and having more opprutunities of jobs.
    B.E. Is the graduation degree and MBA and M.tech both were the post-graduation degrees.
    You can choose one of these two.
    Good bye

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