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    What should i do between M.Tech or job with respect to poor financial conditions? How can i apply for City based jobs?

    Hello, Friends. My self Mohd Amir.I belong to Varanasi, UP and I have done B.Tech in cse from kanpur university with 80% aggt. marks.But i have only 50% marks in class X. I do not get any opportunity for campus placement due to bad placements provided by my college. Now i think that if i want to remove the bad tag of my college, i should do M.Tech from any IIT. For this i am preparing for GATE and my preparation is going quite good. But my financial condition is not good, that's why my parents are forcing me to do a job rather than M.tech. So friends please.......... help me and tell me that what should i do? M.Tech. or Job? if you suggest me Job then tell me without money how can i go to any metro city to search the job and attend any walk-Ins?

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    Re: What should i do between M.Tech or job with respect to poor financial conditions? How can i apply for City based jobs?

    if you are well preparing and with confident of getting rank then say to your parents i can get a seat in iit so you may not pay any fee and i will do part time for mu livings...............

    so donot worry about that after doing M.Tech our life will be happy.............

    so convince your parents

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    Re: What should i do between M.Tech or job with respect to poor financial conditions? How can i apply for City based jobs?

    Hello dude!

    This is a very common confusion for the candidates recently,they are very confused whether to go for job or pursue higher studies by writing entrance exams like IES or GATE.The answer is quite simple;everything depends on your confidence.If you think you deserve something above that private company then you should try for luck for IES EXAM but you must keep your percentage high to match your capacity.Remember one thing Colleges other than IIT's or NIT's or few other good universities will land you in same boat or Infosys,Tcs even after two years.

    If you are able to make it into IIT's or NIT's then grab it,just getting admission in IIT's or NIT's will not gaurantee you anything more than Infosy,Tcs or other private companies.If you want more you need to work hard more and prove that you deserve more.Higher education now will give you a chance to wipe your mistakes you did in B.tech.

    Remember one thing everyone who joins for higher education is same as you,very competant and came there to make a differrence.Don't ever think that companies select you only based on skills even if your score less its o.k because you studied in good colleges.Just to make it clear most of the colleges select candidates based on CGPA.Another reason for higher studies after b.tech would be your research attitude.If you think you are suitable for research and want to contribute to Scientific development for humanity.You like power and independence more than money then i suggest you to enjoy IITs and NITs for sometimes and then try for Phd in some of the top universities of the world.

    If none of the above suits you,I mean you don't have patience to sit and read for 1 more year and want to be independent or need to support family.I strongly recommend to go with your job and after certain period you can try for higher studies.So i think you have understood the various career options.As you have completed b.tech I suggest you to write the government exams which will help you in getting jobs.Some of the exams you can write are mentioned below:

    IBPS BANK EXAMS These are the exams conducted for the posts of clerks and p.o's in the 19 banks throughout India.As a graduate you can apply for both the posts.There will be a written test and an interview.

    There are many exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission.The exams are IAS,IPS,IFS,CBI etc.Only graduates are eligible for these exams and the exam pattern consists of a written test and an interview.Not only the above mentioned exams,there are many other exams conducted by the UPSC.

    This exam will provide you an opportunity to get a job in the public sector companies because many PSU's recruit candidates who have qualified the exam and completed b.tech.So write the exam and you will have a good future.

    R.R.B EXAM
    This exam is conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board for many posts under Group I,II,III,IV.There will be a written test and the selected candidates will undergo a training period.

    It is the Indian Engineering Services exam where the qualified candidates will get a job in the public sector companies.As a graduate you are eligible for the exam.

    In addition to the above exams you can also write postal exam,S.I exam and many other exams.



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