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    What should i do to raise career after discontinued study of B.E in 3rd 1st semester?

    Hai , Am Glory Discontinued B.tech in 3-1 , 2007-2011 Batch.. from JNTU hyd university.. Am eargly looking out to turn my career successfully. I have an option ..but don't know ..IS that work out .. Can any one suggest me the Right Opition..Please .
    I am thinking to do b.sc (M.s.cs) in one sitting just for degree certificate to get a job..Where u all know by inter qualification no Jobs.. and i want to do B.tech in distance for four years. Mean while i will learn some software courses. then after getting my b.tech degree i look for a better job.. Is this work out. Kindly help me. if possible with university , fees.. and which course..is suitable for me. Is it possible to do my 3 rd and 4th year of b.tech in Distance.. No backlogs are their... URGENT . EAGERLY waiting.



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    Re: What should i do to raise career after discontinued study of B.E in 3rd 1st semester?


    It is really sad that you had to leave your studies after completing two years of engineering.But you have some problems in front of you about which you have to think politely.

    The first thing is that you must contact you college and the university officials,as you have done 2 years of your course and was forced to leave the college due to some unavoidable circumstances, will they allow you to start again from where you left.As you were the student of the same institute and you must have enough documents to prove that there were several situations which really did not allowed you to complete your studies.If they say yes,then your problem is solved and your degree will be completed.

    But even after that the biggest problem that you have to face is that ,you have year lac in your academic career and although the year lac of 1-2 years is ok,but the companies really have a negligence behavior towards the year lac candidates.

    So if your college allows you to do your studies,then along with that you will have to do some software courses as you mentioned you are interested in computer science.So although if you have lac in career,you would be able to present your self confidently in the interview session.

    Technologies like asp.net,php,my sql,java,c,c++ all are always in demand try to do them and all this will be a huge boost for your career.
    This are aspects through which the software companies are still working every day,even you ,use seen while opening a web page the extension is written like .net,.php.
    So you understand that all these are very important.

    And at last if your college says no which will be highly unethical,then you have to do the courses as you mentioned above,but whatever you do just make sure that you must do those one that is mentioned by me above.

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    Re: What should i do to raise career after discontinued study of B.E in 3rd 1st semester?

    Iam studying B.tech EEE(Part Time) from SRm university 2011-2015 batch. after completion of 3 semester now i have hold my study due to job problem.I have planned after 3 years i want to start & finish balance 4 semester.is it possible to where i left semester i can again join.please advice me.

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