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    When will the reservation policy be stopped?

    Sir, When will the reservation policy be stopped ? General category has been ruined by this bludy reservation policy. I think in the coming times there will be only SC, ST, BC people in every govt. deptt and on each n every post.
    Don't we have the right to be in any govt service?

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    Re: When will the reservation policy be stopped?

    Dear Aspirant,
    If any changes occur in reservation,Government fall down because SC,ST,OBC number of count is more than the General Category.

    So there is no changes our reservation policy.
    Every General category candidate to put a pressure on this concept,may be small changes only happen.Do not put hopes on reservation policy changes.

    It take so much of time to change the reservation police.
    To appoint a special comity and analyse the problem and submit the reports,No Doubt it takes 10 or 12 years to change the policy.

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    Re: When will the reservation policy be stopped?

    dearthere is no hope for stopping reservation policy
    it take almost 12 years to make this reservation policy
    so forget about it,it is impossible to change reservation policy
    because there are number of reserved categories are more than general

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    Re: When will the reservation policy be stopped?


    This is a sensitive and complicated matter. As there are many issues are to be taken care if some amendment like removing reservations has to be passed, it a quite difficult task. The politicians don't even think of this as a problem, because they want votes of BC/SC/ST people. They are more in number and so, the reservations should continue. Even though if some one tries to remove the reservation system, it wont actually gets impemented, because, al those beneficiaries won't sit quiet, but protest. All their leaders too cause a great mess which is extremely dangerous for the existence of the party.

    So, in my view, as long as the democracy exists in this country, the reservation system continues and there will be no change to that in the near or far future of the country.

    So, please learn to live that way and do what you can under these circumstances rather than getting worried about that. Learn to accept the situation as i have.

    NOTE: This is not to hurt anyone or to insult/disrespect anyone. I hope i didn't use any words that made some feel that way. If you do feel that way, my apologies.

    phOenix 8)

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    Re: When will the reservation policy be stopped?

    Don't use these kind of words.This is our govt policy to provide relaxations to reserved category.This debate has been coming out after the independence.This topic has no end.It is true that general category candidates are facing lots of trouble in getting admission in colleges or school.Even they they are facing problem in getting jobs.But for reserved category their as compared to general category is very low.
    In one word reservation policy will not stopped.It will be continue.

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    Re: When will the reservation policy be stopped?

    the matter you have raised is very sensitive issue . I feel the answer i can give to your question is never. It probably took a very long time for the reservation policy to take place and now the reserved category students are more than the number of general category students and so stopping the policy will lead to fall of govt etc . So there is no question of stopping it.

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    Re: When will the reservation policy be stopped?

    Hello dude!

    Reservation policy will never have an end and as you all know how we[OC's] are suffering.The education system in india is a worst system.It has become commercial day by day.

    In addition this reservation system has been creating too many problems for the students of general category.If in fees etc there is reservation system it's ok but even in government exams,competitive exams also they are getting more benefits.

    I am the best example because i faced the situation,i am from Andhra pradesh and after my eamcet exam i got 16000 rank and one of my neighbour who belongs to minority got a rank of 1,40,000 and you don't believe both of them are sharing the same bench in our college.Even though i am talented,i worked hard for getting a good rank but that guy with 0% hardwork nicely got a good seat.

    He even pays only 500 rupees per annum and i paid 30,000 rupees per annum.In the outside world he is a rich guy but according to the government he is a poor guy of minority.

    Not only in this issue,everywhere this is happening.What i say is reservation must be given in terms of fees but not in the terms of education.

    God has created every person equally and he didnot gave extra brain to the candidates of general category nor he has decreased the size of OBC or SC/ST Category.

    So what i want to conclude is all the General category students are not rich and all the candidates having reservation are not poor.So the government must take suitable steps in such a way that the fees reimbursement or whatever it may be must reach to the people who are financially poor.

    Even the reservation system must also be changed.They must reduce the percentage provided.If they do so the system may change atleast.

    Let's hope for a better India with better education standards.


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    Re: When will the reservation policy be stopped?

    reservation system should not be there because due to this some people are changing their caste . also due to this richer are becoming more richer and poorer are becoming more poorer.

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