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    Where to find EALP questions?

    i registered my self
    bt still unable to find the questions of EALP
    kindly guide how to get the questions.

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    Re: Where to find EALP questions?

    For getting the EALP questions follow the steps below:-

    Log in this forum using your user name along with the password.

    There are two sections under it through which you can able to find questions in order to answer them and get points in to your account.

    @Government job questions
    @Unanswered questions

    Click on it according to your choice,you will be provided with the list of questions.
    The questions which has been answered will indicate green circle symbol at the end of that questions.

    Do not answer them again,if you do so your marks will be deducted.

    Do not copy the answer from others.

    Do not use the technique of copy and paste.

    You may take the help of internet but the answers should be in your language.

    If you use any short cut techniques in order to gain marks then the moderator of this forum is smart enough and it will deduce your given marks.

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    Re: Where to find EALP questions?

    Hi dude.....

    EALP is one of the best program to urn our lively hood and also at the same time you can also earn money through this program.EALP it self indicates that Earn And Learn Program......

    There are many forums of the EALP and there are of 18 forums of the ealp and you can register in any of these forums and continue to answer to the questions and an earn money there are no registration fess and nothing one thing you need to have is that you must good English and you should able to write the answers which will be understandable to every one and not only to you.....
    You have to Register first to answer the questions and earn and learn at first select one forum from any of the 18 forums given in the below link.....

    After selecting one of the forum you need to register with your user name and password and email id then you will able to log in......
    After getting loged in you can see on the top Questions of the particular forum you had registered,for example in this forum it will government jobs questions.This folder contains the questions of the government related jobs and you can answer in which you had knowledge and also you can search the related matter and should not copy paste and you need to write in your own words....
    There are also un answered questions which will be there beside questions forum you can answer those questions also if you know any answer.....
    This was the procedure of answering the questions......

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    Re: Where to find EALP questions?

    Dear friend

    As you have already completed your EALP registration process, follow the steps given below for finding questions::

    1. First of login using your User name and passward (that you have entered at the time of registration).

    2. Click on the link Government job questions or Unanswered questions for finding threads/questions posted by members or guests.

    >> You can find all the threads (Answered, Ununsered,Top rated threads etc) by clicking on Government job questions.

    >> You may click on Unanswered questions for finding unanswered threads.

    >> After submitting your answer/post reply, you can check your ranking by clicking on Ranking.

    If you need any other HELP than click on Earn and Learn Programme at the top of the screen or Write to support.

    -Thank you-

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    Re: Where to find EALP questions?

    Hello dude!

    EALP means Earn and Learn Program.It is a very good opportunity for the individuals to earn money and they can learn many things also.

    As soon as you register in the EALP i.e; in whatever the forum you have registered then follow the below steps.

    1. Login with your Email id and Password.

    2. Then you can see a page where there are many columns by name Ask,Government job questions,Unanswered questions,Rankings etc.

    3.Select the column questions or unanswered questions.

    4.Then you can see a page containing a list of questions,approximately there you can find 50 questions per page.

    5. Select the question you wanted.

    6. At the bottom you can find the options Reply or Reply with quote.Select any Reply and type your answer and click Post your answer.

    This is the way you answer in the forums.The answer must be lengthy and must not be copied from anywhere.


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