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    Which subject should i take after 10th with 85%

    sir i have passed10th class n i hav scored 85% so i m confuse wat tu take bcoz my family dont allow me tu do job but they ask me to do that type of study that help me doing wrk at home nt going fr outside to do job so this type of study is only in commerce n i dont like commerce n i dont like biology also so maths is d only option bt there is engeering only so wat i do aftr 12th. For this ans. Contact me in rashmivashani13@gmail.com

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    Re: Which subject should i take after 10th with 85%

    Hi, i wud tel it jst depends on ur interest what u wanna do in life. U need minimum 5 to 6 years to complete ur 12th and UG and then u can join for job so by 6 years many things wil change and ur home may let u work outside also since salary is the main thing dat matters. So i am posting several options which includes working by staying at home and also woking by staying away from home. By considering u dnt lik commerce and biology

    1st working by staying AWAY from home-
    U can select science(PCMC/PCME- physics chemistry maths computer science/electronics) and den u can do engineering and u can be placed in top MNC'c with gud slaray. Not jst engineering u can do many other degree after doing 12th in PCM u will hav several options. Here possibilities are der dat u can work by staying at home but it depends on ur city.
    If ur city is either bangalore/chenni/hyderabad/pune/mumbai/delhi/kolkatta and if do engineering then u can get job in ur city easily so in dis case u dont hav to stay away from home.

    2nd working by staying AWAY from home-
    You can take arts or science(PCMC/PCME). Den do BA, MA (if u take arts) or BSc or MSc(if u take science) and den u can join as lecture in school or colg near ur hoime and also government opportunities wil also be der.

    There are many options to try out as u hav completed 10th and still a long way to go. So my sincere advice to u is dat now oly dont think so much about carrer and job by staying in home and alll.....Jst do wt u like to do..........
    Hope this info is sumwhat helpfull to u...let me know if u've any further queries.

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    Re: Which subject should i take after 10th with 85%

    It is true that your family will not allow you to do job outside and if you study engineering,then there is huge chance that you end up getting your posting in some outside place,but it should be your decision what to go for,it is a true fact that if you go outside then your family and you both will fell alone,but nothing can be bigger than your future if you have interest in maths,or if i say that you just like maths but can not study because by studying maths you would go for engineering and that can make your posting in the outskirts,then it will be injustice to yourself,you should not do this,after all you will have to sacrifice something to achieve something good.
    but still you can go for BBA,just take any stream in 10+2 and go for BBA,after that MBA ,although there is no such gaurante that you will get the job with MBA in your state only.

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    Re: Which subject should i take after 10th with 85%

    Hi friend,after 10th class,you have many streams to choose in intermediate...If you are well in mathematics,then it is better to you to choose MPC and after the completion of that you can do BE/BTECH and have good chances to get job...If you have intrest in science subjects,then it is better to you to choose BIPC and after that by writing NEET exam and getting good rank in that you can do MBBS,BDS,VETERNARY SCIENCES,AGRICULTURE SCIENCES...If you have intrest in social aspects,then it is better to you to choose HEC or CEC streams and after the completion of intermediate you can do B.com,B.A etc and you can get good job...all the best...

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    Re: Which subject should i take after 10th with 85%

    My friend,

    It depends upon you and your choice and interest also.You have to choose accordingly because you have to become something in your future not me.

    What can i do??
    I can suggest only..!!

    Can you go to some specific field..??
    No my friend i can just explain you.

    Can i provide everything to you..??
    No i can just provide the detail or some explanation.You have to do work hard to get an admission.

    --->>There are three stream after 10th but as you have 85% marks so i think you have to go for that subject in which you are too good.

    Streams after 10th:-
    4.Commerce with mathematics
    5.Commerce without mathematics

    Thank u!!

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